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Indira nursing home(inh), the brain work of dr.p.shankar is one of the leading proctologist in tamilnadu. this hospital has a benchmark in the field of laser proctology, introducing the latest innovation and advanced surgical procedures for piles, fissure, fistula and pns(pilonidal sinus) in india.

INH ensures the excellent treatment & the latest laser facilities in proctology. where the new invention of laser technology has been introduced over a period of 16 years. inh has done more than 25,000 surgeries. and is one among the largest wide speciality centre in proctology.


Dr. P. Shankar


Dr. K. Latha Lakshmi M.B.B.S

Dgo, Ms (OG)
(Obstetrician / Gynaecologist)

Dr. Karan Shankar M.B.B.S

(Duty Medical Officer)

Dr. Mohd Muzaffar Baig M.B.B.S ,

(General Surgeon)

Hear what our patients say

  • My friend told me if you want to get rid of your disease, you directly go to Indira Nursing Home. So I came in here and had the painless and bloodless procedure. I am feeling fully all right immediate after the discharge which was after 2 hours of the surgery. I am thankful to the whole team..

    Mary Rose, Piles Surgery
  • My stone in ureter was found and doctors in other hospital opted for laser treatment but the cost was too high ,I was waiting for another option,because as a student i was unable to bear so much ,but Indira Nursing Home doctor gave me a low price and I was treated after waiting for 20 days .Thanks for savings.

    Mary Rose, Kidney Stone Surgery
  • Nine months of pregnancy felt like a breeze, thanks to the outstanding efforts of everyone at Indira Nursing Home. Right from our very first visit, we were very happy ....

    Mary Rose, cardiology

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